Increase Your Status and Client Volume Up To 22% in 12 months with Practically Zero Effort.

“Take a look at the system Danno has created. 
The concept … is brilliant”

Shep Hyken, Forbes

MacKay Real Property Law
4.9 ★★★★★ 241 Google reviews

Fig.1: This chart depicts the growth in Google reviews in just 12 months for Ryan's practice. Notice his Google review growth against time. Stagnant changing to steady growth of their online reputation and status in the marketplace. This graph is taken from Starloop which tracks online review acquisition.  

CLIENT Ryan MacKay
BEFORE 25 Google Reviews
NOW 241 Google Reviews

"Every time you get a good review, that's going to pay dividends forever."

Ryan MacKay

Owner, MacKay Real Property Law

Clark & Clark 
4.9 ★★★★★ 87 Google reviews

Fig. 1: This graph is taken from Starloop showing combined Facebook and Google reviews.  Clark & Clark replaces deathly flat line with steady growth and improvement. 

CLIENT Clint Clark
BEFORE 6 Google Reviews
AFTER 87 Google Reviews


"We're getting a great online presence thanks to Starloop!"

Clint Clark

Partner, Clark & Clark

TLR Law 
4.9 ★★★★★ 79 Google reviews

Fig.1: TLR Law solves their flat lining status by using Starloop.  Notice the steady growth and repeatable results. This graph is taken from Starloop showing their Google and Facebook reviews combined.  

CLIENT Philippe Richer
BEFORE 4 Google Reviews
AFTER 79 Google Reviews


"The more reviews we get, the more leads we get."

Philippe Richer

President, TLR Law

Legal Consumer Trends + Attorney Status

For real estate attorneys who understand market winds, life gets a whole lot easier. For years now, research such as this shows legal consumer behaviour changing drastically in one key way:  82% OF CONSUMERS NOW READ ONLINE REVIEWS.  And yes, that includes reviews for lawyers and law firms. So how do these market winds impact you as a property lawyer? Well it means for the first time in history, you have the opportunity to become the “Go To” property lawyer in your town by establishing a STATUS DELTA: A gap between your status and the status of your competitors simply by having the most Google reviews. 

What Kind of Lawyer is This For?

Maybe you’re an established lawyer but you want to boost your status in town. You want to secure the longevity of your firm but you haven’t solved your marketing problems. 

You don’t have a predictable way to generate new clients and you’re feeling frustrated at not having a reliable system to bring in clients at a price that makes sense. 

Maybe you’ve hired a marketing person in the past but they left your practice with little to no results. Your bank account isn’t growing as fast as you like.

You understand that legal consumers use Google to find law firms and you just wish you could get these people as clients. 

You work hard. You know you could be more successful, but you need help. Once you crack this code you know that the growth of your practice is assured because you’re motivated, smart and you have resources at your disposal.

You just need the plan to pull it all together so you can finally have the wind at your back to make everything easier.  

The “Go To” Real Estate Attorney Is The One With The Most Google Reviews

Everyone is online. 82% of consumers read online reviews. This means being the “Go To” lawyer in your town is a function of two factors that define your status:

1. Having a Google rating of at least 4.5 and,

2. Having more Google reviews than your closest competitor

Simple, right?

Number one very easy to accomplish. If you’re a good lawyer, having a Google rating of 4.5 or better will just happen naturally. You don’t have to worry about that. 

Number 2, is a problem.  Having the most Google reviews is a challenge because most property lawyers underestimate this problem. Many think getting that “Go To” online reputation happens just by asking clients for reviews.

But real life doesn’t work like that.  

It’s not your fault, it’s just that the topic is deeper than that and your clients are busy.  The reality of the problem is that no one wakes up excited wanting to write a Google review for their plumber, their hairdresser or their property lawyer. And this is part of the problem, these days, your clients are being asked to write reviews on a daily basis.  So when you come along, you’re just one more person on a long list who want a review. 

Figuring it all out takes more time than most lawyers have.

But like anything, it’s easy when you know how. No one teaches what we do, we’re the only ones focused on solving this problem for property lawyers using this unique system which you are about to discover.

As an incentive to post [a review] … a tree will be planted.

Shep Hyken, Forbes

Who Are We?

Before we get into the steps, here’s a quick background for credibility reasons.

We started developing our system in Canada in 2016. We quickly established ourselves as disruptors in the reputation management space. Our unique approach to “one tree planted per review” attracted attention and landed us a Forbes interview.

We’ve since incorporated in the USA and work with clients worldwide. Starloop is one of the few reputation management softwares who have API access approved by both Facebook and Google

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Daniel Vivarelli. I was running a successful digital marketing agency when I discovered that Google reviews are incredibly profitable. My clients and I became very excited about this opportunity. I looked everywhere for a good solution to get reviews but all I found was crappy software and people selling fake reviews. 

I decided to take matters into my own hands and created a system to help our clients get real reviews ethically. 

To encourage more reviews, I came up with this crazy idea to plant a tree for every online review.  Turns out this concept wasn’t so crazy after all. It worked so well, that our Members were rapidly getting reviews and boosting their online reputations. We were profitable from day one, we were attracting attention, and after the Forbes interview, more and more people started asking me “…how the heck are you getting these results!?” 

We’ve now helped our Members collect over 45,000 reviews and have planted over 45,000 trees

So that’s great for us but what does that mean for you? Well, we’ve helped enough lawyers grow their practices using Google reviews that our process has become crystal clear.

Thesis Steps: Review Acquisition for Lawyers

Our Members have been successful at growing their practices using Google reviews. We believe that getting maximum Google reviews is based on the following variables: 

Online Review Acquisition

L + M + A = R

  • Where L is Language
  • Where M is Motivation
  • Where A is Automation
  • Where R is the online Review

The 2 Big Problems Standing In Your Way

Placing clients into a high converting L+M+A system is the solution for any real estate lawyer looking to quickly build their status and establish an irresistible online reputation on Google (or any other site for that matter).  But first let’s find out what you’re really up against on your journey to becoming the highest rated, most reviewed property lawyer in town.

1. Your Clients Are “Busy-Lazy” People

The first problem to getting reviews for your practice is that … your clients are busy lazy people. Imagine your client Rhonda. She’s happy with your services but …

From the time she she wakes up, she’s in “busy mode.” She has to take the kids to school, she has to get to work, pick up groceries, pay the bills and put dinner on the table. Then in the evening sometime, she switches to “lazy mode.” Time to relax a little.

You can see why writing a Google review really isn’t important to Rhonda.  

Humans are busy-lazy people and neither of these two modes are people excited to to write an online review for their property lawyer. Don’t worry, we have the solution to this problem but before we get to that there’s a second problem we need to solve for.

2. Your Clients Have Chronic “Review Exhaustion”

The second obstacle preventing you becoming the most reviewed property lawyer in town is something we call “Review exhaustion.”

You see, every business on the planet knows that without reviews, they’ll die a slow death, so…

In the last week alone, your client Rhonda has been asked to write a review for the app she downloaded on her phone, her hair salon, her yoga studio, her recent AirBnb stay, her latest Amazon order … and to top it all off you come along and  want a review for your law firm. 

We can’t really blame Sarah for politely ignoring it all. 

I hope you’re starting to see what you’re up against and why we’ve developed the ethical motivator of planting one tree per review. Because with planting a tree, you can cut through the noise and give Rhonda a reason to give you the most valuable thing she has: her time.

How To Create Dominant Status & An Irresistible Online Reputation

Your online reputation and status is a fascinating subject once you get into it. If you’re still here then I believe you’re starting to understand why Google reviews are so valuable to your practice. You’re also getting a deeper understanding why getting Google reviews is so challenging. Let’s take a look at the 3 key steps to winning more client reviews for your practice. 


Step 1: Watch Your Language

Did you know asking for reviews is one of the worst ways to get them? In marketing, everything is about engagement and conversion. Engagement and conversion. You want to engage a maximum number of clients AND convert them into a maximum number of reviews.


“Hey Rhonda, can you write me a Google review?” is the way most law firms try to get reviews. This is awkward.

RESULT: Rhonda knows what you’re really asking for is a GOOD review. Rhonda can read between the lines. Loaded questions kill client engagement.


Inviting Rhonda to leave you “online feedback.” Using natural language scripts takes out all the awkwardness. 

RESULT:  Rhonda will feel more comfortable and your natural language scripts will increase engagement and get you more reviews.

Step 2: Motivating Rhonda (Ethically)

Humans are busy-lazy people but given the right reason, they’ll give you some of their time. That’s where ethical motivation and the Law of Reciprocity comes in.


Most of the so called “reputation management” solutions on the market overlook the fact that Rhonda is a busy-lazy human suffering from review exhaustion.

RESULT: Disappointing results due to being too technology focused and overlooking basic human psychology.


Giving is the new getting. By planting a tree for every review, Rhonda is ethically motivated to pay attention to your request and write a Google review for your practice.

RESULT: Better results due to invoking the Law of Reciprocity and understanding basic human psychology.

Step 3: Automation

Because we know that humans are busy-lazy people AND they suffer from review exhaustion, we realize that people need to be politely reminded if we want online reviews. 


Most law firms either don’t remind their clients for a review which is an epic fail. Or they remind them manually which is also a fail since it’s so time consuming to do properly.

RESULT: Without automation, critical reminders don’t get sent and clients write far less Google  reviews for your practice. 


Automated reminders are specifically designed apply a tasteful amount of friendly pressure on clients. Automation means you’re saving time every single day. 

RESULT: Time is being saved. Critical reminders are being sent. And more reviews are coming in than ever before.

"We've got 80 plus reviews over the last 9 months ... it's been really effective."  

Clint Clark -  Founding Partner, Clark & Clark

Two Competing Attorneys

Scenario 1: The Well Intentioned Fail

John is a hard working real estate lawyer. He’s seen the research showing 82% of consumers read online reviews but thinks reviews are “just for stuff on Amazon.” He doesn’t realize it applies to legal consumers seeking a property lawyer in his town. Consequently, he pays zero attention to his online reputation.

One day he Googles himself and sees something alarming.  A competing attorney, Sarah, has 50 more reviews than he does. 

John puts the pieces together. He finally understands why Sarah seems to attract new clients so easily. He finally realizes how both the legal consumer and his competition have evolved.  But first mover advantage is now gone. Sarah already took action and she has a huge lead on John. He’s now forced into a reactive position of playing “catch up” or risk being the lowest rated, least reviewed lawyer in town.

So he starts asking his clients for reviews.  But it feels awkward. It feels beneath his station in society. Almost like he’s begging for something. And even though he endures the awkwardness, he doesn’t get many reviews because he doesn’t realize that his clients are busy-lazy people suffering from review exhaustion.

Frustrated by the lack of results, John wastes more time and money trying to solve his reputation management issues. In total, he spends 2 years and $10k, he falls behind way behind Sarah and still has no viable solution in place. 

Scenario 2: The Well Planned Victory

Sarah is also a hard working lawyer. She understands that 82% of consumers read online reviews and sets her mind on  being the highest rated, most reviewed property lawyer in town. But before she commits to anything, she spends time learning the ethical motivator method (taught by

Because of Starloop she starts to understand the psychology better. She knows that asking “for reviews” is a loaded question. She knows her clients are tired of being asked to write reviews all the time. And she knows she’ll need a compelling reason to get their attention if she’s going to succeed.

She looks for a complete system and before she puts anything in place, insists on a simple solution with a high degree of automation. Sarah wants repeatable results and automation (this leads her to software provided by because her goal is nothing less than being the highest rated, most reviewed property lawyer in her town.

Sarah discovers Starloop on a 30 minute call and signs up.  She is pleasantly surprised that it’s super affordable. She appreciates never having to ask for reviews ever again. She loves that the software took just 10 minutes to set up and that her secretary, Anna learned everything in just 5 minutes

Sarah has now completely systemized her reputation management strategy.

As each month passes, Sarah’s clients are being efficiently engaged and converted into online reviews. This is happening automatically and without her having to awkwardly ask for reviews. Within her first year, she acquires 63 five-star Google reviews, 50 reviews more than her closest rival John. Sarah’s now has an irresistible online reputation that generates a steady flow of referral-quality clients into her practice. 

Postgame Highlights

In scenario 1, John’s first fatal error is delaying his online reputation strategy. Instead of being proactive and taking an early lead, he’s forced into a reactive situation, trying to catch up to Sarah.  When he finally takes action, he assumes that getting online reviews will be a simple affair only to discover how challenging it is.

His stress subsequently increases, he loses 2 years worth of opportunities to get reviews and squanders $10k while he watches Sarah gets a massive lead on him. Also, there’s a good chance he will keep trying the wrong thing again and again, wasting more time and money while falling further behind every other law firm in town. 

In scenario 2, Sarah is proactive but she doesn’t put a system in place until she understands the problem. She uses the Ethical Motivator method to solve for engagement and automates everything with the software provided by Starloop is so easy she could do all this herself in just 5 minutes per month but she delegates it to her secretary. 

Sarah enjoys having a repeatable system in place. She’s acquiring online reviews and free to focus her attention all her new clients. 

Also notice that in Sarah’s example, she wasn’t wasting precious time in meetings with marketing experts or trying to integrate her practice with complicated software. She’s got an easy solution that is highly effective and that any of her team can learn in just 10 minutes. 

Also note that Sarah benefits from establishing an early lead in her market. By being the top rated most reviewed law firm by far, she not only attracts the bulk of addressable legal consumers originating from Google, but she also frustrates competing lawyers who will struggle to ever catch up. 

"Yes! Help me get more reviews & more clients."

I'm interested in Starloop for my practice I want more details!

Step Summary

 So as you can see, all you need to do is:

  • Build a high-converting review system
  • Automate your client engagement
  • Write a natural language script 
  • Put an ethical motivator in place
  • Train your staff
  • Engage your clients

With these steps in place, you can get Google reviews for your law firm faster and easier than ever before, creating an irresistible reputation and draw more clients into your practice.

So What Exactly Are Your Options?

You naturally have options when it comes to your reputation management.  Do-It-Yourself and Same-Ole-Same:


Option one is duct-taping a solution together with a good old Do-It-Yourself route.

  • You’ll have to develop your own language
  • You’ll have to piece together automation systems 
  • You’ll have to research high-converting review funnels
  • You’ll have to source and test an ethical motivator 
  • You’ll have to use it yourself or train someone



Option two is to try one of the thousands of “same-old-same” reputation management services on the market:

  • They use old  “Can you write us a review!” language
  • They don’t solve for busy-lazy people
  • They don’t plant trees or have any ethical motivators
  • Their solutions are overly complicated
  • They take hours to integrate and learn


Or you can check pricing for Starloop and get your entire Reputation Management up and running in less than 10 minutes.

What Kind of Lawyer Is This For?

Again, this is for property lawyers who want to predictably increase lead volumes by being the top rated most reviewed real estate lawyer on Google in their market but who haven’t figured out how to effectively build their online reputation.


So how does it work?

Before when you wanted to get a Google review, you would have to awkwardly ask for a review. But now, you can use Starloop’s simple software with Natural Language emails and text messages to automatically get real Google reviews without ever having to ask.

Before when your clients said they would write you a Google review, you would have to cross your fingers and hope that they would follow through. But now with Starloop planting a tree for every review you get, clients are ethically motivated with a compelling reason to follow through and write you that Google review. 

Before when you wanted to get a Google review you would have to waste time manually reminding your clients. But now with Starloop’s smart automation you’ll have to never have to manually send reminders ever again. 

Before when you wanted to become the top rated most reviewed law firm in your town you would spend thousands per month on a digital marketing agency who would charge a premium for reputation management. Now you can cut out this overpriced middleman and take control of your online reputation

Before to become the top rated most reviewed law firm you’d have to spend countless hours researching and learning what to do. With Starloop your team has a proven blueprint that takes just 10 minutes to learn and just 5 minutes a month to build your reputation and attract more clients. And yes, it really is that quick and simple.

"Yes! Help me get more reviews & more clients."

I'm interested in Starloop for my practice I want more details!

Benefits & Outcomes

Here’s what going to happen when you work with us: 

  • You’ll convert more of your clients into Google reviews
  • You’ll forget about wasting time with DIY 
  • You’ll say “no thanks” to overpriced marketing agencies
  • You’ll save time & money
  • You’ll get more reviews than ever before
  • You’ll finally have a reputation management system in place
  • You will feel empowered, confident and motivated
  • You’ll finally have a way to predictably generate referral quality leads
  • You’ll start becoming the “Go To” real estate attorney in your town
"When we started we had about 30 reviews on Google ... we've got over 240 now."  

Ryan MacKay -  Owner, MacKay Real Property Law

What You Get!

Starloop PRO Membership

Full access to our proprietary software. Build your reputation and attract more clients the easy way

One Tree Planted Per Review 

A tree is planted for every review we help you get so you can get more reviews!

Starloop Natural Language Scripts

Use our “magic words” by email and text thought Starloop to get more reviews than ever before

Online Training & Member Support

Our team is here to support you and help you win, all you need to do is apply today

Only 20 Lawyers Per Month

We can only accept 20 new lawyers per month. If we take on more than 20 we risk flooding our support team so we limit the number of lawyers who can join.

Bonus: Past Client Review Booster!

An offer like this wouldn’t be the same without a bonus so we’re going to do something extremely special: for a limited time we’re going to give you access to our Past Client Review Booster, an insider tactic Starloop Members use to tastefully get reviews from your clients from the past 3 years to give your online reputation an immediate boost.


Your Starloop PRO Membership comes with a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you aren’t completely satisfied just let us know and get a full refund.

"Yes! Help me get more reviews & more clients."

I'm interested in Starloop for my practice I want more details!

"From everybody who came to us because of our reviews ... the ROI is 10 times plus"  

Philippe Richer -  President, TLR Law 


So let’s summarize this offer. You get:

  • Your monthly Starloop PRO Membership
  • Full access to our software, systems and support team
  • One Tree Planted Per Review
  • And the Past Client review Booster fast Action Bonus
  • No long-term contracts
  • 30-day money back guarantee

"Yes! Help me get more reviews & more clients."

I'm interested in Starloop for my practice I want more details!


Now some of you may be wondering: 

Are there any long term contracts? Unlike other solutions that lock you in with long term contracts, there are no long-term contracts. Your Starloop Membership is month-to-month and you can cancel any time. All of our hundreds of Starloop Members are with us because they’re saving time, getting reviews and attracting clients. No one is with us because they are contractually obliged.

Will this work if we aren’t very technical? Yes, we designed Starloop to be as simple as possible. If someone on your team can use email they are ready for Starloop.

How does the 30-Day Guarantee work? We know Starloop is an awesome solution for getting reviews but if you feel like it doesn’t live up to your expectations, then just let us know and get a full refund. Easy peasy.

How long does it take to set up and learn? Starloop was designed to be super simple. It only takes 10 minutes to set up and learn. Very fast. 

How much time does it take to use? A typical law firm will spend just 5 minutes per month using Starloop. The rest is fully automated. 

Will this work if we don’t have a Google My Business listing? You’ll need a GMB listing to get Google reviews. If you don’t have a Google My Business listing you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.  Please claim your GMB listing regardless of whether you’re applying for a Starloop Membership or not. 

Why not just use an agency or other software?  Most of the 1000s of “reputation management” services you find online are just marketing agencies that use white-label software.  What does this mean?  It means that whether you’re paying $50 or $500 per month, the typical “reputation management” solution out there is the same tired old thing your plumber and hairdresser are using just with a different logo slapped on it. Not very effective.

Will this work if we have multiple locations?  Yes. Starloop is designed to handle many locations. You can unlock as many locations as you need within your Starloop.

Can you take on more than 20 lawyers per month? Not at the moment. We cap this to ensure we can give our new Members our full attention. If you want in, apply now.

"Yes! Help me get more reviews & more clients."

I'm interested in Starloop for my practice I want more details!