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TLR Law 
4.9 ★★★★★ 79 Google reviews

Fig.1: TLR Law solves their flat lining status by using Starloop.  Notice the steady growth and repeatable results. This graph is taken from Starloop showing their Google and Facebook reviews combined.  

CLIENT Philippe Richer
BEFORE 4 Google Reviews
AFTER 79 Google Reviews


"The more reviews we get, the more leads we get."

Philippe Richer

President, TLR Law

Story: Philippe Richer is the President of TLR Law. Before joining Starloop, he didn’t have a repeatable process for getting reviews from his clients. One day, he discovered that a client had left him a 3-star Google review. “I gave [the client] the advice I had to give him, he just didn’t like it … he gave me a 3 star review. I was really annoyed with that” Philippe said.  And that was the last straw. From that moment on, he was looking for a solution to take control of his reviews and online reputation. He signed up for Starloop and after just one year was delighted let us know “The more reviews I get, the more leads I get.” Now when legal consumers search Google, they see that Philippe his firm, TLR Law, has high status in on Google from all his online reviews. Furthermore, due to Philippe’s Client Intake Survey, he calculates that TLR Law is achieving a 10x return on investment from Starloop.

"From everybody who came to us because of our reviews ... the ROI is 10 times plus"  

Philippe Richer -  President, TLR Law 

MacKay Real Property Law
4.9 ★★★★★ 241 Google reviews

Fig.1: This chart depicts the growth in Google reviews in just 12 months for Ryan's practice. Notice his Google review growth against time. Stagnant changing to steady growth of their online reputation and status in the marketplace. This graph is taken from Starloop which tracks online review acquisition.  

CLIENT Ryan MacKay
BEFORE 25 Google Reviews
NOW 241 Google Reviews

"Every time you get a good review, that's going to pay dividends forever."

Ryan MacKay

Owner, MacKay Real Property Law

Story: Ryan is the owner of MacKay Real Property Law. 11 months ago he realized that a competing firm had more status in the marketplace because they had more Google reviews.  Ryan felt his firm was the better of the two but that wasn’t being represented online. “Our online status compared to other law firms wasn’t as high as what I felt it was in real life and I wanted to bring those two things into balance.” This was the moment that Ryan decided to take take control of his online reputation and signed up for Starloop. Ryan says “We started with Starloop less than a year ago. And when we started we had about 30 reviews on Google. This morning I looked and we’ve got over 240 now.” The online reputation of Ryan’s law firm has had a meteoric rise. His firm now has a very high status in the marketplace (much more than lesser reviewed competitors.) Note: Ryan has multiple locations and uses Starloop for all of his offices. For the purpose of this interview we focused only on his main Silver Springs location. 

"When we started we had about 30 reviews on Google ... we've got over 240 now."  

Ryan MacKay -  Owner, MacKay Real Property Law

Clark & Clark 
4.9 ★★★★★ 87 Google reviews

Fig. 1: This graph is taken from Starloop showing combined Facebook and Google reviews.  Clark & Clark replaces deathly flat line with steady growth and improvement. 

CLIENT Clint Clark
BEFORE 6 Google Reviews
AFTER 87 Google Reviews


"We're getting a great online presence thanks to Starloop!"

Clint Clark

Partner, Clark & Clark

Story: Clint Clark is a Founding Partner at Clark & Clark. Their firm has a good reputation at street level but Clint (who calls himself a dinosaur with technology) said that he “potentially didn’t even see the merit” with online reviews. Put another way, he almost missed the boat. However, their status in the marketplace was falling behind and that motivated him to take action. “Our presence wasn’t very good … because we hadn’t even looked at it or managed it.” Clint discovered Starloop after a chance meeting with a client and the rest is history.  He had found a repeatable system for getting client reviews and building his online reputation. He likes that Starloop plants a tree for every online review, offsetting the paper intensive nature their services, calling Starloop’s tree planting angle a great “selling point to get reviews.”  Clint has boosted the online reputation of their firm to a solid 4.8 star rating AND is now sitting on 87 genuine Google reviews. What does Clint feel is one of the biggest benefits to having a Starloop Membership? “The great thing is Starloop is we’re not having to figure out how to do it. It’s a simple process for us.”  

"We've got 80 plus reviews over the last 9 months ... it's been really effective."  

Clint Clark -  Founding Partner, Clark & Clark

"Yes! Help me get more reviews & more clients."

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